Best Bait casting Reels Under $100

There is best bait casting reel under $100 on the market. Many reliable and trustworthy brands are available for the best $100 bait casting reel.  Those people who loves fishing and want an affordable bait casting reel I have a good offer for them. I suggest bait casting reel for you which will not break your budget. I have versatile and unique bait casting reel for you with low price. These are as follow:

  • Daiwa Tabula Baitcasting fishing reel
  • 5001476 Daiwa Fuego 100 Hyper Speed Baitcasting Reel
  • Daiwa Aird Baitcasting Reel AIR 100 HSA

These are the award winning brands of Daiwa Company. I always used these bait casting reel whenever I go for fishing. These are best for baggers as well as for the professional anglers. These products of Daiwa are affordable and having fantastic features. These are light weighted, durable and small size bait casting reels. These reels do not create any noise while you are fishing.

daiwa_baitcasting_reels_reviewsDaiwa Tabula Baitcasting fishing reel:

Daiwa Tabula Bait Casting Reel delivers the best $100 bait casting reel. This is best for salt water as well best for fresh water. It has excellent ball bearings and powerful gear ratio. It used light weighted and strong material. This is flexible and small size bait casting reel an ideal reel for the anglers. It has non-slip handle grip. The magnetic braking system of this bait casting reel is one of the best choices for the anglers because its breaking system is very efficient which works with accuracy. The low profile bait casting reel which has no noise. It has the best performance for the anglers.

 Specifications of Daiwa Tabula Baitcasting fishing reel:

  1. Price : $94.95
  2. Ball Bearings : 7
  3. Gear Ratio : 7.3:1
  4. Swept power : 90
  5. Light weighted
  6. Create no noise
  7. Non-slip handle grip
  8. Magnetic braking system
  9. Manufacturer: Daiwa

5001476 Daiwa Fuego 100 Hyper Speed Baitcasting Reel:

Daiwa Fuego hyper speed bait casting reel made with high quality and light weighted material. It has powerful gear ratio and strong drag system. It has a high level of performance with magnetic and powerful braking system. This is best $100 bait casting reel because of its fighting features. This bait casting reel delivered high speed gear ratio and stainless steel main shaft.

It produced left handed and as well as right handed models. It is mostly recommended bait casting reel under $100 from the anglers because of its high performance and less price.

Important features of 5001476 Daiwa Fuego 100 Hyper Speed Baitcasting Reel:

  • Price : $89.95
  • High Performed Quality
  • Excellent for the money value
  • Much versatile model
  • The best bait casting reel for fishing
  • Incredible durability
  • Carbon fiber matrix system
  • Premium power and unrelenting performance
  • Light weighted and strong
  • Perfect for fresh water as well as for salty water
  • Perfect the for fishing in deep ocean
  • Small size

Daiwa Aird Baitcasting Reel AIR 100HSA:

Daiwa Aird Baitcasting Reel has effectively retrieved speed and controllable features. It offers the maximum power of strength with light weight. It is the best $100 bait casting reel for fishing. It has smooth and strong gear ratio. It works well in the wet weather.  It is perfect for whole day fishing because of its light weight. It maintained non-slip handle grip because it has EVA knobs. It has flexible and long lasting bait casting reel.

Important features of Daiwa Aird Baitcasting Reel AIR 100HSA:

  1. Price : $96.99
  2. Soft touch handle knob
  3. Ball bearings:10 ( 9BB + 1RB)
  4. Gear ratio : 7.1:1
  5. Weight :7.7oz
  6. Line capacity : 12/120, 14/100
  7. Light weighted
  8. Durable and affordable
  9. Best for freshwater as well for saltwater


There are many astonishing brands for bait casting reel in the market. The products manufactured by Daiwa Company are the best bait casting reel under $100. These are the affordable bait casting reel which any person can purchase. These bait casting reel works smoothly and creating without any noise.