The Best Bait Caster for Light Lure

In my opinion Best Bait Caster for Light Lure in the market is under 200 dollar. Bait caster should be weightless and affordable. In my suggestion the world’s best bait caster for lures are the KastKing Mega super power, Penn Squall Level Wind Reel and Blue Marlin Tournament. These are Best Bait Caster for Light Lure in my life so far. If you have any trouble for finding the best bait caster reel you should use the above-mentioned brands because they are very reliable and affordable. I would tell you that  if you plan to throw a very light lures you would be used the better spinning reel as well .there are many types of bait caster that  used for light lures but the more reliable are KastKing, Penn and Blue Marline.

The_best_freshwater_fishing_reels_reviewsFollowing are the world best brands for the Best Lures for Best Caster :

  1. KastKing mega super power
  2. Penn Squall Level wind reel
  3. Abu Garcia Bait cast Reel

KastKing Mega Super Power Fishing Brand:

KastKing is the game changing fishing brands. It is the award winning brand in 2017. It has the world strongest stainless steel shaft and bearings. It has the ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fiber (UHMWPE). It has strong power yet smaller Diameter. It is smoother than other brands which increase the stability and sensitivity which reduce the friction.

Highlighted KastKing Mega Super Power Fishing Brand:

  • KastKing Mega has 8 super braid
  • High –tech PPT coating
  • Higher strength Diameter
  • Made of 8 strands(UHMWPE)

Penn Squall Level wind reel:

Penn is always used by the professional’s worldwide anglers.  This brand always uses the high-quality components and material also. The most important feature is durability and light weighted. It has stainless steel main insert. In short Penn squall are Best Bait Caster for Light Lure

Characteristics of Penn Squall Level wind reel:

  • 2 piece graphite composition
  • Graphite reel seat
  • Stainless steel guides
  • Rubber shrink tube handles
  • MODEL # PRES F 1220S80 ; Spinning

best_lures_best_baitcasting_reels_reviewsAbu Garcia Bait caster Reel:

Abu Garcia baits caster reel design for power fishing and aggressive techniques. It always maintains distance which is required by experienced anglers. It has Ergonomic and durable Black Max Low profile bait caster reel. It is light weighted and has four stainless steel ball bearing and graphite frame.

Main features of Abu Garcia Baitcaster reel:

  • 4:1 gear ratio
  • 4 stainless steel ball bearing
  • Graphite side plates
  • Power disk drag system and smooth drag performance.


To conclude I can state that in my observation Abu Garcia, Penn squall and KastKing mega super power are the Best Caster for light lure. All these brands are used by the experienced anglers. In literally record the proper drag setting depends upon the size and type of fishes and also on the fishing conditions. I am currently using the Penn Squall which is Best Bait Caster for Light Lure. I personally suggest you for using the Penn Squall, Abu Garcia and KastKing these are very good the price and having wonderful features. The delivery is fast and well packaged.