Daiwa Saltist Black Gold Conventional Reel – STT20H / 30H / 40H

The Daiwa Saltist Black Gold Reel – STT20H/30H/40H is the reason why professionals will be able to handle more than what their training taught them, and increase their performance drastically. Most professionals are schooled in difficult conditions accompanied by uncomfortable equipment. This is why they expect that, in time, new equipment will allow them to get the most out of their education and improve general performance any way they see fit. This is why both professionals and casual fishermen really enjoy the Daiwa Saltiest Black Gold Reel, as it is so comfortable and easy to use that anyone can increase their performance and skills with this professional reel.  Check this Great Price

conventional reel

The Daiwa Saltist Black Gold Reel – STT20H/30H/40H models are simply explosive, quick and designed for you to enjoy your time fishing. The bearing system is a brand new design and it’s one of the smoothest systems out there. It spins unbelievably well, almost like it’s gliding on air.

The only difference between these three types of Daiwa Saltist is their size. The company’s previous high speed model “silver” is pretty similar to Daiwa Saltist Black and Gold, but still they are not quite the same, as the Black and Gold reels are much more resistant when to comes to salt water.

The Daiwa Company handed out 5 year warranties when the reel first came out and this is because of its high quality. There is no need to strip and grease the real, as it is saltwater proof, making sure no corrosion will occur. The Daiwa Saltist reel is designed with the utmost simplicity, ensuring that there will be no problems when using it. It’s a quite direct tool that is made for results.

A large main brass primary gear with amazingly cut gears that houses carbon plates and drag makes sure that the reel can produce its maximum drag with utmost ease. In general, the whole construction of the gearing system is as perfect as it can get. The reel’s cover plates have inner shields, rugged post production, but this is not really an issue when talking about the performance of the reel. If the user is bothered with it, he or she can clean it easily.

The reel can be disengaged with a lever made out of plastic. The reason for this material is the fact that it’s light and salt water resistant. The plastic was thoroughly tested and it can withstand pressure for a long time without any risk of breaking.

On the side where the ratchet is located, you can find a huge void, specifically designed to house the function and spool bearing as well. This design makes it very simple to service and look after the Daiwa Saltist Black reel. The bearing on the main drive is anti-reverse and the pawl is also anti reverse. This couple makes the redundancy system very reliable.

The Daiwa Saltist is available in several styles and colors. Check More Options