Shimano Curado 201 Left Handed Baitcasting Reel 2016 – Review

Continued production of the Shimano Curado provides testimony in itself of the demand and popularity of this series of reels. Mirroring its right handed line, the Curado is built with ease of maintenance and durability in mind! Shimano throws their most recent technology into the 2 models that make up the Curado line of left handed reels. The highlights include the new x-ship technology, which adds durability to the gears and longer distance casting. It’s Super Free Spool feature removes any friction while casting, thus increasing distance. Rounded out with the SVS Infinity system to control the spool and allow precision casting, the Curado is anything but lacking in technology. Similar perhaps to the Daiwa Coastal TWS Baitcasting Reel in price and technology. Let personal preference be the choice.


Shimano Curado


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Shimano Curado 201 Specifications and Models

The Curado 201 Comes In 2 Different Models:

– The Curado 201I

– The Curado 201IHG


These left handed versions of their Curado 200 counterparts mimic them exactly. For the “leftie” fisherman who’s not as effective using a right handed baitcasting reel, it’s good to have quality reels such as the Shimano Curado 201 to choose from. The Curado line of reels all share the same specs, with the exception of the gear ratio which is higher in the 201HG model. Using monofilament line the spool holds 180 yards of 8 lb test, 155 yards of 10 lb test, and 110 yards of 14 lb test. Switching over to braided line you get 190 yards of 30 lb test, 120 yards of 50 lb test, and 80 yards of 65 lb test. The curado reels all have a max drag capacity of 12 lbs, use 5 S-ARB (Stainless Anti Rust Bearing) bearings, and RB (Roller Bearing). The gear ratio in the CU201I is 6.3:1, but is higher in the CU201IHG at 7.2:1. The Curado weighs an average 7.4 ounces.Shimano Curado

Key Features

  • Shimano Stable Spool Design (S3D) – The thinned wall aluminum spool is created with uniform precision. This technology reduces vibration while spinning, lending to a smoother cast and retrieve.
  • Hagane Body – The term Shimano has dubbed for the rigid metal frame. The Curado has no frame give. Hard plastic framed reels are known to strain and twist slightly under extreme pressure.
  • Super Free Spool – This technology prevents the pinion gear from rubbing on the spool shaft when the gear is disengaged for casting. It makes use of a ball bearing to support the pinion gear, keeping it from ever touching the spool shaft. No extra resistance while casting!Shimano Curado
  • HEG Technology – A combination of the gears, set plate, handle side plate, and frame. Works in conjunction with the Hagane Body to bring all the parts together in a design that further eliminates any stress to the inside of the reel. Shimano also increased the size of the drive and pinion gear which gives anglers a bit more leverage when reeling on a heavy fish.
  • X-Ship Technology – The design that supports the pinion gear on both sides with ball bearings. The bearings strategic placement holds the pinion and gear drives together in precise location. This adds durability to the gears, and maintains their position even under heavy pressure.
  • SVS Infinity Brake System – Inner break weights control spool speed while casting to help prevent backlash. An adjustment control knob allows tuning for the exact weigShimano Curadoht of your rig.
  • S-ARB – These bearings have anti rust protection. They also have stainless shield covers on each side. This greatly reduces the chance of grit, salt, or other tiny debris from entering the bearings.

It’s especially important with low profile reels to incorporate the different technology. This allows the engineers to keep the frame small and limit the weight. The Shimano Curado makes a good example of exactly how this can be achieved. If you’re a left handed fisherman ready to move up from a reel such as the Piscifun Low-Profile Baitcasting Fishing Reel, the Shimano Curado 201 should definitely be considered.

Shimano CuradoFinal Analysis


Any reel made with this much expertise in a left handed version is a bonus for southpaw fishermen. The Shimano Curado has practical advancements in technology both inside and out. The features assist mainly in smoothness of operation, distance casting, controlled casting, and durability. The hard Hagane Body protects the reel, and the Super Free Spool allows extra distance for lightweight casting.


The only notable drawback of the Shimano Curado is the lack of advanced technology in the drag system. 12 lbs of drag is decent for this size reel. It seems interesting that the reel has all the right technology to put the lid down on big fish, with no extra drag capacity. Of course it would have substantially increased the listing price to have added such a feature.


The value of the Shimano Curado lies within the technology of the reel and the asking price. It’s versatility of both salt and freshwater use make it an inshore coastal favorite. If casting is your game and your love is for the lure, the Curado gives even more. Don’t set the hook on any other left handed reels until you’ve looked at the Shimano Curado 201 Baitcasting Fishing Reel. We’ve got thumbs up on this one!

Shimano Curado 201