The Stand Up Paddle Board – 11 Foot Inflatable Atoll Review

With weary legs and heavy arms you paddle your way to shore. You’ve enjoyed every second of your stand up paddle board session, but it’s time to get out of the water and head home. Back on shore, you lay your Cruiser Deluxe paddle board down and release a valve. You help speed the process of deflation by standing on top of thick walls that make up the lining of the board. After all the air has escaped, you neatly fold the board. It fits nicely inside its custom backpack, which you zip shut and begin the half mile walk back to your car. This is what the Atoll Cruiser Deluxe is made for!

Stand Up Paddle Board

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Boaters, jet skiers, and kayakers could all tell you, sometimes it’s just way easier to grab your paddle boardStand Up Paddle Board and quickly hit the water. When it comes to getting that paddle board down to the water, nothing makes it easier than the Atoll Cruiser Deluxe. Atoll’s flagship SUP (Stand Up Paddle) board comes equipped with a backpack designed to hold the deflated board and all accessories. The board is made with a high quality H3 valve that won’t leak air on the water. It necessarily comes with a bravo pump for inflation. All this along with the paddle, insertable fin, and repair kit neatly fit inside the backpack. Bungee anything else desired to one or more of the 14 D Rings set into the top of the board, and you’re ready to go!

Key Features

  • Dimensions – Laying down the board is 11 feet long. It has a width of 32 inches, and it stands 6 inches off the ground (I wanted to put water, but that didn’t make sense).
  • Inflatable – The Atoll Cruiser Deluxe is a fully inflatable stand up paddle board.
  • Tested And Quality Assured – Atoll uses a patented material as a second lining covering the entire outside surface of the paddle board. Once finished, all boards go through a quality control and testing process to ensure they’re fit for use on the water.
  • Bravo Hand Pump – The Bravo dual action 3rd generation handStand Up Paddle Board pump is a high pressure pump that inflates up to 15 psi. An industry leading high quality pump, the Bravo proves to be a handy, multi use tool.
  • Repair Kit – Be prepared in case something sharp does puncture your board with the patch kit provided.
  • Front And Back Bungee Tie Downs – You can see them on the picture. The bungee cord runs through D Rings built into the board, offering a securable storage area.Stand Up Paddle Board
  • Quality Backpack – Also seen in the picture, it’s more vertically built than horizontal. Padded shoulder straps and a waist belt add comfort to the wearer, and help distribute the weight.
  • Weight – The Cruiser Deluxe has a shipping weight of 43.6 pounds. So that would be the weight of the backpack with everything in it.
  • Adjustable 3 Piece Paddle – This quality aluminum paddle breaks down toStand Up Paddle Board fit in the backpack, but is also adjustable to match each user’s height. It’s built with a nylon blade.
  • Padded Foam Top – EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) foam padding offers ecologically friendly material for support and to prevent slipping.
  • Weight Capacity – The stand up paddle board holds weight up to 250 pounds.
  • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty – Any defects in craftsmanship are 100% guaranteed for 2 years.

The Atoll Cruiser Deluxe stand up paddle board uses a Korean style drop stitch technology, and holds 15 psi (pounds/square inch) pressure. Fully inflated it turns into a strong and sturdy SUP. 14 D Rings and bungee tie downs give you a storage area on the board. If you bring a small cooler and your fishing gear, it turns into the perfect fishing paddle board.

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Ending Thoughtsatoll 3


Paddle boards are made for physical activity, and the Atoll Cruiser Deluxe gives you exactly that. The board is manufactured at top quality, goes through a quality control  process, and comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty. The features of the board along with its accessories are all top industry rated. It inflatable quality makes it compact for travel, and the backpack provided let’s you go further from your car or beach house!


While the backpacking feature may be a pro for many users, it could also be a deterrent for those with back trouble. Hiking with over 40 pounds of weight might not be an option. The board is also inflatable which means it can be punctured. Though Atoll has provided a strong material, it’s never foolproof. A strong swimming ability is recommended for those that use any kind of watercraft.

Final Verdict

The value offered in Atoll’s flagship stand up paddle board is second to none for those that prefer the inflatable versions. It’s definitely worth the purchase for those that haven’t used an inflatable SUP before, and we know you’ll be surprised at how stable it is. The pricing is competitive with similar products on the market, but the build offers the value and the reason it comes with our recommendation!



Atoll Inflatable Paddle Board